Gel Silk Mask

 It’s like a wakeup call for your face!

Sano Naturals reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me to give a review about their new Sano Gel Silk Mask. What can I say I loved it! I have always heard great things about Korean beauty products and now I understand what the fuzz is all about.


 I received two Sano Silk Masks, one Sano applicator brush, instruction and ingredients cards. I was happy to learn that all ingredients used in Sano products are a mix of rare botanical extracts that are beneficial for stressed out skin. While searching these ingredients I learned that 60% of what goes into your skin goes into your blood? 😱  That’s why it’s important to know what kind of products you are using on a daily basis. 

Sano Silk Mask

I was able to see and feel an immediate results after a SINGLE USE. This is the type of mask that transforms your skin with every use. It’s no secret that Korean skin care includes the best products around but trust me when I say Sano Silk Mask gives you everything you need for glowing, hydrated, restored skin! Its worth investing in face masks that does it all!


My Experience:

The brush applicator made applying the mask very easy. I just applied a thin layer across my entire face (avoiding the eyes and lip areas) and let it dry for 15 minutes. As the minutes went by I felt by skin tightening up, its recommended to minimize facial movement while mask is on to maximize the experience. I was literally not able to move my face AT ALL so I had no problem staying still (Pedro found it very funny). Wash your face with warm water and WA LA: Natural soft tight glowing skin!

Good for:

Brightening, cleared acne, tightening, shrinking pores, fading scars, removing black heads and fine lines. 

After Sano Silk Mask


They’re celebrating their upcoming K2Slay launch use promo code SANOMASK to receive 30% off your first mask.